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A typical kitchen remodel takes about 6 to 8 weeks, depending on complexity. Our checklist below includes the most common elements of a kitchen remodel. If you think about these elements in advance, Strong Builders Construction, Inc. will be able to design and quote your project within your budget and give you more accurate timeframe for your kitchen improvement project.

dream kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling Specs

kitchen remodeling specs

Budget for your kitchen renovation project? Goal of kitchen remodel (ie: update, add space, both)? Current kitchen square footage and desired square footage for your renovated kitchen? What do you like and dislike most about your current kitchen? What is the overall style preference for your new kitchen (ie: contemporary kitchen, formal kitchen, traditional kitchen, country kitchen, other)?

Electrical & Lighting

kitchen remodeling electrical lightning

Do you need additional task lighting in specific work areas of your renovated kitchen? More kitchen lighting overall? Do you need a service upgrade? Do you need a sub panel, phone, cable or cad wire, outlets, switches, dimmers, light fixtures, under cabinet lighting, LED light strips or other electrical additions in your renovated kitchen, etc.?

Walls, Windows & Doors

kitchen windows

What type of wall texture and paint (brand, color, finish etc.) do you envision for your renovated kitchen? If there is a window in your current kitchen, is it ideally situated for a view of the backyard, garden or other preferred area? Does it let in enough light for your kitchen? Do you need new windows (total # of windows, size, make and model, moldings type and profile etc.) for your renovated kitchen? If there is a back door in your kitchen, is it ideally situated for access to the backyard, patio or entertaining areas? Do you need new doors (total # of doors, make and model, moldings type and profile etc.) in your renovated kitchen?

Floor Plan/Design

kitchen remodeling floorplan

Will your kitchen renovation project require a designer, engineer or architect? Will your kitchen remodeling project need plans? Do you need any kitchen or other walls to be moved? Have you applied for all the necessary permits? Does your current kitchen relate to adjacent rooms the way you would like? What types of activities do you envision taking place within the renovated kitchen? If you want to eat family meals in your renovated kitchen, how many people would you typically need to accommodate at mealtime? Do you want your renovated kitchen area to be open to a family room, den or other area? Do your guests help you in the kitchen? If you are not using a dine-in kitchen table, what type of everyday seating would you use in your renovated kitchen (bar stools, chairs, booth, bench seating or none)? What entertainment features might you want to incorporate (e.g., separate beverage area, wine storage, glasses, etc.) into your renovated kitchen design?

Tiles, Cabinets, Countertops & Flooring

kitchen cabinets

Do you want to use tile on backsplash or floor (type, pattern, grout color, tile size) in your renovated kitchen? Do you need new cabinets (custom or modular, material, stain or color, door & drawer type, custom cabinet accessories (knobs, etc.)) for your renovated kitchen? Do you need new countertops (material type, edge detail, backsplash material and type) for your renovated kitchen? Do you need a new flooring (material type, make, model, square footage, baseboards etc.) in your renovated kitchen.

If you’re considering to remodel your kitchen, call us and schedule a FREE in-home consultation with our kitchen remodeling professionals.

Plumbing, Appliances and Storage

kitchen appliances

Will the plumbing need to be upgraded or relocated? Do you need new or additional sinks and faucets in your renovated kitchen?
Are your appliances in good working order or will you need new, energy-efficient models in your renovated kitchen? Do you need a new refrigerator (make, model, finish), disposal (make, model, finish, horsepower), range/oven (make, model, finish, fuel type), range hood (updraft or downdraft), dishwasher (make, model, finish), microwave (make, model, finish), hot water dispenser (make, model, finish) for your renovated kitchen? Do you have enough accessible storage for bulk and everyday food items or entertaining/serving items in your current kitchen? Do you require any additional storage in your renovated kitchen for items currently housed elsewhere in your home? What about linens, fine china or other pieces that you may now keep in a hall closet, china hutch, attic or garage? Do you need areas which are safeguarded from children in your new kitchen? Do you require a recycling center for your renovated kitchen?

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