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San Francisco Bay Area Remodeling Contractor

Our Specials: ONE-DAY Kitchen Remodeling*, ONE-DAY Bathroom Remodeling* Services are available. We offer LIFETIME WARRANTY* on our remodeling and construction services. Call 415-504-7877 now! Strong Builders Construction, Inc. provides a wide range of remodeling services for residential and commercial clients in San Francisco Bay Area. If you are looking for a professional, experienced, BBB top […]

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San Francisco Kitchen Remodeling Checklist

A kitchen remodel can be a tough project without experienced professionals. Strong Builders Construction, Inc., specializing in San Francisco Bay Area kitchen remodeling, is focused on quality and best customer service with special attention to your specific needs. Our clients can be confident – your dream kitchen is within reach! We help you to create […]

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San Francisco Roof Repair or Replacement?

San Francisco Roof Repair

A standard composition shingle roof (e.g. three tab) applied with standard roofing methods may not provide sufficient protection, especially if your San Francisco Bay Area home is subject to severe storms and strong wind. Strong Builders Constructions, Inc. can help you to get better protection. Some additional costs are minor, but provide major mitigation benefits. […]

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Interior Painting – The Impact of Red

Understand the impact of red color creating the perfect palette for your home. Red is a warm and positive color, strongest color in the spectrum. It has the greatest emotional impact motivating us to take action. Red stimulates passion, romance, energy, courage, confidence, appetite and conversation. Strong Builders Construction, Inc. will match any color to […]

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Interior Painting – The Impact of White

Understand the impact of white color creating the perfect palette for your home improvement. White is the color of ultimate purity, goodness and chastity. White will bring feelings of peace and comfort, creating a sense of calm and tranquility and promoting both physical and mental relaxation. White can be used to give yourself a feeling […]

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