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Strong Builders Construction, Inc.
offers complete premium All-In-One Bathroom remodeling and renovation, including wall repair, interior and exterior painting, general plumbing repair, cabinets fix, flooring, fixtures, trash removal and many more.

There’s no reason to call a separate painter, carpenter, plumber and cleaning service, we take care all of your bathroom remodel needs. Your new bathroom is within reach! We help you to create a functional, organized and beautiful bathroom you’ve always wanted.


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bathroom remodeling

A typical bathroom remodel takes from 3 days (small bathroom) up to several weeks, depending on complexity. Our checklist includes the most common elements of a bathroom remodel. If you think about these elements in advance, Strong Builders Construction, Inc. will be able to quote your project and give you more accurate timeframe. There is a wide variety of brands and styles as well as wide range of options available in the market. Our experts will help you identify the best possible choices for your individual bathroom improvement project project and budget.

Bathroom Remodeling Specs:

bathroom remodeling specs

Budget for your bathroom project? Type of Bathroom (ie: powder, master, other)? Current square footage and desired square footage? Location of bathroom (upstairs, downstairs, new)? What do you like or dislike most about your current bathroom? Are there currently enough bathrooms in the house for your family as it expands (for kids or live-in relatives, etc.)?

Floor Plan/Design:

bathroom remodeling floorplan

Will your project require a designer, engineer or architect? Will your project need plans? Do you need any walls to be moved? Have you applied for all the necessary permits? The bathroom will be a (master bath, child’s bath, guest bath, powder room, etc.)? Who will be the primary users of the bathroom (adults, children, guests)? How many people will be using it (let say at one time)?

Electrical & Lighting:

bathroom remodeling light

Do you need a service upgrade? Do you need additional lighting over a shower or bath or around the vanity? Do you need a sub panel phone, cable or cad wire, outlets, switches, dimmers, light fixtures (make, model, units, finish, bulbs, etc.)?

Walls, Windows, Doors:

bathroom remodeling walls

Will there be any wallpaper removal? What type of wall texture & paint (brand, color, finish)? For master suites, is there a need for separate his-and-hers dressing areas? If there is a window, is it ideally situated for ventilation or privacy? Do you need new windows (total # of windows, make, model, moldings type, profile)? Do you need new doors (total # of doors, size(s), make, model, moldings type and profile)?

Plumbing, Showers/Tubs, Toilets:

bathroom remodeling thub

Will the plumbing need to be upgraded or relocated? Do you prefer to take showers or baths? If you like baths, would you prefer a tub and shower combination unit or separate facilities? Would you like to install a whirlpool or steam shower? Do you need a new tub/shower (type, ie: stand up shower, tub/shower, tub only, make, model, finish, color)? Tile & Shower pans, do you want tile on the floor or backsplash (type, pattern, grout color, tile size)? Tub/Shower walls (materials, size, finish? Tub/Shower Glass doors (what type of glass, frame finish, type of unit)? Tub/Shower faucet set (make, model, finish)? Bench or grab bars needed? Toilets make, model, finish, color?

Flooring, Countertops:

bathroom remodeling counter

Do you need new flooring (material type, make, model, square footage, baseboards)? Are there enough sinks and counter space available? If multiple family members will share the bathroom, are separate, private bathing and vanity areas required? Do you need new countertops (material type, edge detail, backsplash material, type)? Do you need new sinks (how many, make, model, finish, color, sink faucets make, model, finish, how many mirrors, size, shape, glass type, etc.)?

Storage & Cabinets:

bathroom remodeling storage

What type of storage will you need in the new bathroom? Will you need storage for cleaning agents, toiletries, linens, first aid items, hair appliances or medications? Do you prefer closet storage over vanity storage? Do you want a medicine cabinet in the vanity area? Do you desire a bathroom linen closet? Will you be storing bedding items such as pillows, comforters or large quilts/blankets in this linen closet? Do you need new cabinets/medicine cabinets (custom or modular, material, stain or color, door & drawer type, custom cabinet accessories (knobs, etc.), material finish)?

We Provide Top-Quality Bathroom Remodeling Services

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